Mossel Bay Climate

Weather and Tides

Mossel Bay has a very mild and moderate climate, boasting with about 320 sunny days each year.

In Mossel Bay, the summers are comfortable, and dry; the winters are cool, and windy; and it is mostly clear year-round. The town`s weather is influenced by the Agulhas current of the Indian Ocean to the south, and by the presence of the Outeniqua Mountains to the north. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 11`C to 24` C and is rarely below 8`C or above 27`C. Mossel Bay does not experience significant seasonal variation in the frequency of wet days. Frost is rare or almost absent while snow may be visible, occasionally on the distant mountain peaks as a winter treat. Prevailing winds are westerly in winter (May – August) and easterly in summer (September – April), and rarely reach storm- or gale-force strength. The average days of sunshine are 320 days per year.

Overall Mossel Bay has a year-round mild climate making it a perfect destination for enjoying the range of activities on offer almost any time of the year.

Mossel Bay Forecast

Average Annual Temperatures

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