In a secluded valley, at 20 Mossienes Avenue, Great Brak River, you will find Hough's Herbal Hub ( 3km from the ocean) which offers you an unforgettable stay-over. Either self-catering (fully equipped apartment) or B&B with that personal touch and a garden filled with herbs awaits you ( culinary herbs and herbs used as substances in the manufacture of Herbal Moisturiser, Herbal Foot creams and Herbal Footbaths). You are welcomed with a special herbal drink. (Unobtainable anywhere else in the world).

Great Brak River is surrounded by beaches, rivers, indigenous forests, a lagoon, a game ranch and a remarkable richness of the many Fynbos species.

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    20 mossienes avenue great brak river
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    002744-620 3143
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