Housed in the "old school house" you can find the full story in pictures and text of the Great Brak River village during its Heydays from 1859 to 1920. There is a room devoted to the Searle Industries and their Military participation, a reproduction of an early Drawing-room, Kitchen and Bedroom, an extensive history of the Khoe people and the story of Modern Man which started some 200 000 years ago. During 2013/14 the museum won the coveted Best New Museum Project beating both the Hout Bay and Iziko museums. Visits to the last remaining operable 1920s hydropower station in South Africa are also conducted from here - contact the museum for more information.


The HISTORIC VILLAGE ROUTE map is available at the museum. Take a walk through Great Brak River and view the many buildings constructed before 1930 and at the turn of the century. Sun baked bricks were used for all buildings before 1920. For a do-it-yourself tour, follow the route and use your smart phone to photograph the accessible display plaques in this way you will get detailed information regarding the various buildings. Groups can contact the Great Brak River museum (044 620 3338) to arrange a conducted tour. By appointment only, please contact them a few days in advance.


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