Lions Creek Valley Boutique Distillery is a boutique-style distillery that produces small quantities of its own beverage-grade spirit alcohol. We cultivate all our livelihoods on the farm as much as possible. We do our own production of base alcohol by starting with fermentation and then distilling everything to create our own natural spirits and other alcohol types. The manufacturing method we use for gin is we infuse all-natural botanical into natural base alcohol (Vodak). This is called a vapor infusion method. We manufacture rum, mampoer (schnapps), gin and are now planning to open a restaurant shortly. Our plan is to plant vineyards to produce our own wine and do events. The idea is to create a place with a nostalgic feel to it, where people can take a walk in nature and feel at home. Lion Creek Valley Boutique Distillery is situated in a beautifull valley called LeeuKloof. LeeuKloof is a small farming community at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains. It is about 30km from Hartenbos based on the R328 to the Robertson Pass in the direction of Oudtshoorn. At the LeeuKloof Klein-Brak turn-off from the R328. It is also the exit to Outeniqua Moon Horse farm and Botlierskop. LeeuKloof has all small guesthouse establishments and venues eg. LeeuKloof Lapa, Blomme Kloof Country Cottages, Heimat Cottages, Little Stone Cottages and Misty Moon. People can buy our products and experience tasting while enjoying delicious home-baked bread, jam and cheese plates while relaxing in the beautifull valley or inside the distillery.

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    Farm Heimat, Leeukloof, Mossel Bay
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    002773 9292 927
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