Posboom Distillers is a small batch distillery situated at No.1 Church Street, Old Train Station, Mossel bay, down by the harbour, was started in 2014. Posboom distillery concentrates on Gin, Liquors and Absinthe. It has won numerous prestigious gold and silver awards, such as the Michelangelo award, for our  Gins, Absinthe and Liqueurs. Each batch of product is distilled and blended by hand to make only the finest of blends time and time again. Only natural botanicals are used in the Posboom Distillery products.

Posboom Distillery derived its name from the Portuguese navigator Pero de Ataida who sought shelter in Mossel Bay after losing much of his fleet in a storm. He left an account of the disaster hidden in an old shoe which was suspended from a milkwood tree near a spring from which the explorer Bartholomeu Dias had drawn water. The tree served as a kind of de facto post office for decades thereafter. Posboom Distillers is situated a few hundred meters from this Iconic Post Tree.

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    1 Church Street, Old Train Station
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