The Shweshwe Story
South Africa’s iconic fabric started out as the original indigo trade cloth used on the east coast of Africa from about 1 000 A.D. In the mid-17th century Indian cottons came to the Cape when the Dutch East India Company started importing fashionable indiennes. A gift of indigo-printed cloth to king Moshoeshoe I by French missionaries in the early 1840s popularised “Seshweshwe” or “Seshoeshoe” (sejeremane in Sesotho) in the Northern Sotho (Pedi), Southern Sotho (Sotho) and Tswana cultures.

Inventor Karl von Drais developed the German hay box during the first part of the 19th century and this “fireless cooker” has been used ever since. Originally hay or straw were the commonly used insulators: pots of food would be brought to a boil and placed in a box with hay or straw under, around and on top of the pot.

Cooking In A PROEbag
PROEbag cooking is as easy as pie and absolutely ideal for soups, stews, bredies, curries, casseroles, one pot meals, game, stock, porridge, stewed fruit … indeed for any slow cooked meal. The longer it cooks, the more tender it becomes. Test this cooking method by using a cheap recipe to get the hang of it. Once you get used to cooking in this way, you will love the convenience – and the reduced electricity bill!

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