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Lights and Lanterns

December 20, 2023

Family and friends are invited to join in on the 20 December @ 19:30 to participate in the Lights & Lanterns project sponsored by Suiderkruis Security opposite the police station in Long Street. This will be the seventh year the event will be taking place with the generous donation of candles by SPAR DE DEKKE, Safari with firelighters, TOTAL Groot Brakrivier who sponsors the petrol.

The Lights & Lanterns is hosted with the intention to celebrate life, to demonstrate kindness, compassion and gratitude for the past year. The emphasis is on the family and spending time with each other in a peaceful quite setting next to the river. Co coordinator of the event Laurinda points out that although many request are received to have food stalls, and music during this time the emphasis however is to spend quality time talking to each other as a family something that we don’t’ always have time to do based on the busy lifestyles and limited time. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the sunset while preparations are made to light the candles.

Message cards can be obtained from TOTAL Groot Brakrivier and De Kaap Eiendomme as from the 4 December; this will also be your entry to the event. A message is written on the card and hanged on the maypole the evening of the event. For any enquiries contact Laurinda on 082 73 88011.

Long Street Great Brak River
Long Street
Great Brak River
Great Brak River, Western Cape 6500
South Africa

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