2018 Cansa Shavathon

002744-874 4824

February 24, 2018

9:00 am / 3:00 pm

Come home to Mossel Bay – where modern humans have always known the heart is.

162 000 years ago, the coolest lodging was a seaside cave outside Mossel Bay. The remains inside the archaeologically important Pinnacle Point grottos bear witness to what countless generations thereafter have found to be true: few things beat a beach holiday! The reasons our common ancestors were drawn to Mossel Bay all those years ago are the same reasons that still beckon us today: pristine beaches, tranquil lagoons, fragrant fynbos, abundant wildlife, fresh seafood and year-round beach weather. It is the best place to make memories, from sandcastles and first kisses to parties, engagements, weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries – and back to sandcastles again! There is a place and a season for everything and everyone in Mossel Bay. Midway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, it is easy to travel here by land, sea or plane. You can stay in atmospheric campsites, homely holiday houses, waterfront flats, luxurious hotels and authentic game lodges. In the high summer season, Mossel Bay is a vibrant party of concerts, festivals and beach fun. Those in the know wait until the crowds have subsided and soak in the best weather, long days and soothing quiet. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, the call of Mossel Bay is real. The Stone Age people felt it, the seafarers and explorers felt it, and you will feel it too. Mossel Bay is where your heart is. Welcome home!!

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