An Affair to Remember @ Monroe Theatre


December 19, 2017

6:30 pm / 9:00 pm

An Affair to Remember @ Monroe Theatre

162,000 years of holidays in Mossel Bay – Why did our ancestors live in Mossel Bay? And how? And what did they learn here?

These are among the central questions which a team of more than forty scientists from around the world – the members of the SACP4 Project – are working to answer. The South African Coastal Palaeoclimate, Palaeoenvironment, Palaeoecology, and Palaeoanthropology (SACP4) Project is led by Curtis Marean, an associate director of the Institute of Human Origins and professor at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. It produced its first significant paper in 2007: ‘Early human use of marine resources and pigment in South Africa during the Middle Pleistocene’ appeared in the peer-reviewed publication ‘Nature.’
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