Bonnie & Clyde @ Monroe Theatre

August 4, 2020

2:30 pm / 4:00 pm


Monroe Theatre

Marsh Street, Mossel Bay, South Africa


1934 Young Adults Bonnie Parker, a waitress and Clyde Barrow a criminal just released from prison are immediately attracted to what the other presents for their life when they meet by chance in West Dallas, Texas. Bonnie is fascinated with Clyde`s criminal past and his matter-of-factness and bravado in talking about it. Clyde sees in Bonnie someone sympathetic to his goals. Although attracted to each other physically, a sexual relationship between the two has obstacles. They decide to join forces to embark on a life of crime, holding up whatever establishments, primarily banks, to make money and to have fun. They don`t plan on hurting anyone or killing despite wielding loaded guns. They amass a small gang of willing accomplices, including C.W.Moss a mechanic to fix whatever cars they steal which is important especially for their getaways and Buck Barrow one of Clyde`s older brothers. The only reluctant tag-along is Buck`s nervous wife, Blanche Barrow, a preacher`s daughter.

Contact: Joan
Cost: R80.00

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