Boobies in the Bay Boogie

August 9, 2019 to August 11, 2019

8:00 am

Licenced Skydivers and skydiving students

In celebration of Women’s Day 9-11 August 2019, come and share the beautiful Mosselbay skies with Claire King (FS) and Naomi Kotzee (AE and Angles)
Boys and Girls are all welcome to come join in the fun!!

R400 registration fee(A-licence and above) to cover the Organizers slots and fees. Students do not pay registration we have plenty of coaches and instructors available on site.

If you want to pre-register, please email Monica on to send you a link, but walk-in boogie-ers are also welcome if you decide on a whim to come play.

Come and join us in the Bay for Women’s Day!!

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