Elvis Blue @ ReedValley

October 9, 2020

6:30 pm / 10:00 pm




002744 698 1022

Join us for an evening of amazing music, food and wine!
Phenomenal musician and songwriter, Businessman, Sport fanatic, call him what you wish! Elvis Blue with his unique blend of charisma and authenticity will equip an audience to dream again.
With an average of 133 live performances a year, 3 platinum and 2 gold selling albums and a long list of top 10 radio hits, Elvis Blue is reckoned to be one of the most successful artists in South Africa, a rare breed. He straddles both English and Afrikaans Music Genres with ease and relevance.
Elvis’s shows are known for not only the perfect blend of well-known original hits and new music, but also for his comical and often whimsical story telling that sweeps audiences along in a journey that is both personal and entertaining.
Remember to let us know if you are sitting with friends or in a group
Cost – R150.00 per person
Mobile – 044 698 1022
Email – wine@reedvalley.com
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