Fragrance Festival 2020

Food, local culture, the beauty of the countryside… this and more will be part of the 6th Fragrance Fest on Saturday 14 March. The only day when all venues on the circular Fragrance Route open their doors!

This is an outing for the whole family: bring walking shoes, sun hats, umbrellas in case of rain, and come and explore the numerous stops on the 40 km scenic Fragrance Route. Don’t forget a cooler bag, picnic blanket and camping chairs – you might want to linger along the way.

There are 12 stops to visit, open from 07h00 to 17h00. Please note that venues choose their own hours, so plan your Fest trip accordingly! Toilets are available at almost all venues and, in case of bad weather, indoor facilities as well. CASH only at stalls, no credit cards.




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