Funny Face @ Monroe Theatre

August 7, 2020

2:30 pm / 4:00 pm


Monroe Theatre

Marsh Street, Mossel Bay, South Africa


Fashion photographer Dick Avery, in search of an intellectual backdrop for an air-headed model, expropriates a Greenwich Village bookstore. When the photo session is over the store is left in shambles, much to salesgirl Jo Stockton`s dismay. Avery stays behind to help her clean up. Later he examines the photos taken there and sees Jo in the background of one shot. He is intrigued by her unique appearance as is Maggie Prescott, the editor of a leading fashion magazine. They offer Jo a modeling contract, which she reluctantly accepts only because it includes a trip to Paris. Eventually, her snobbish attitude toward the job softens and Jo begins to enjoy the work and the company of her handsome photographer.

Contact: Joan
Cost: R80.00

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