International Coastal Clean-Up Day

September 19, 2020

10:00 am / 12:00 pm


southern cross beach

Southern Cross Road, Great Brak River

With all the necessary official registration completed and with municipal approval we are all full steam ahead for our International Coastal Cleanup Day event Saturday 19th September. It will be the third year in a row that the Great Brak River Conservancy will be hosting this international event.
This year’s International Coastal Clean-Up Day is rather special as it coincides with Recycle SA Week that is scheduled to take place from the 14-19 September 2020, National Recycling Day on the Friday the 18th as well as the Let’s Do It World Clean-up on the 19th September.
By joining forces with Plastics SA, Ocean Conservancy and various other organisations across the globe we are able to see where Great Brak and it’s local beaches stand in regards to international coastal and plastic pollution. Every piece of litter picked up is counted and goes into a global database with all the other information gathered on the day by like minded organisations and cleanups around the world. By running this event for multiple years now it also gives us tangible evidence as to whether our local beaches are getting better or worse in regards to pollution as well as tells us where exactly this type of litter come from.
Your participation in this event on the day is needed and greatly appreciated. We will be once again basing our efforts from Suiderkruis beach parking lot as it is most centralised and allows us to tackle the beach as well as estuary and dune systems. Last year we were also able to send a team over the dune into Souwesia and if possible would like to do the same this year. Bags and gloves will be provided and we will be aiming to start from Suiderkruis beach parking lot from 10am on Saturday 19th September 2020.
If you would rather be completely social distanced but still wish to participate in the event and data collection we have a plan. Let us know and we will email you a copy of the data collection form and you can fill it out and email it back to us. The information from your individual clean up can them be tallied in with all the data forms we collect from the Suiderkruis beach parking lot event and all the other individuals participants. Which in turn will be put into the Global pool with all the other international events held on the day for final calculations. The information gained from all the participants around the goes a far way in understanding our position within the war against ocean plastics and coastal pollution.
Please share this invitation far and wide the more people we have on the day the better. If you and your company or any local business or organisation would like to get behind this event with us we would love to have your involvement. Together we can make a positive difference.Inter

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