Klikkerland by Mossel Bay Soul Festival

August 10, 2019

11:00 am / 12:00 pm

Come visit with “Klikkerland” at the Mossel Bay Soul Festival 2019!

Mossel Bay is once again the soul of South Africa. From your foot soles to your inner soul and everything else that touches your inner being, Mossel Bay is the place to be! Mossel Bay Soul Festival

Plenty to eat, music to make your feet tap, arts (visual and performing), crafts, wine / craft beer, things for the kids to do, things to giggle about, places to take selfies at, things to take home with , memories to remind you of Mossel Bay – it’s all on the menu
Life is so serious! But it is not something that a nice layer session cannot sort out!
Come play, sing and dance with “Klikkerland”.
Launch competition! Pranks! Modern music!
“Klikkers” and friends have fun playing animals and learning the “Dancing Dances”. Music is made with mouths and feet and they also find out what to do with GREAT EMOTIONS as when you get angry. Between the misunderstandings that take place and the pies being baked, there is no moment to be bored! Recycling is also made fun. Rimmel Rammel makes him “high-walking feet” with empty coffee tins and funny glasses with old CDs.

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