Mark Haze: A Tribute to Bon Jovi & the Masters of Rock @ Reed Valley

Starts in 1 Month, 19 Days

November 6, 2020 6:30 pm / 10:00 pm



002744 698 1022


Join Mark Haze as he pays tribute to one of the music world’s greatest hit-makers and one of his childhood heroes.
BonJovi has been topping music charts worldwide since the wild days of the 80s hair-rock-stadium scene. With massive songs like ‘Living on a Prayer’, ‘It’s my life’, ‘You give love a bad name’ and ‘Blaze of Glory’, to name but a few, Mark will have audiences of all ages taking a trip down nostalgia lane all the while making you get on your feet to dance and sing along to these classic tunes.
In the second act, Mark and his band pay tribute to the classic rock era and the songs that shaped the world of Rock n’ Roll for decades to come. From The Beatles, Queen, Deep Purple, Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd, Journey and many many more!
He takes the stage with a full 6-piece band ready to deliver those classic stage guitar solos coupled with the long hair and leather jackets tied in with amazing vocals.
This is a show experience not to be missed!
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