Mossel Bay Treasure Hunt

October 10, 2020

7:00 am / 11:00 pm

Who wants R10 000 CASH???
If you are the first to find it, it’s yours!!!
I have hidden a chest in the Mossel Bay area and the first one who finds the chest, gets R10 000 in HARD CASH.
Once the chest is found, a live streaming will take place, announcing the winner. The winner will be also posted on the page.
Once the winner is announced, a lucky draw will commence on the live stream where participants will be randomly chosen (names in a bowl) and lots of exciting prizes are to be won from our sponsors!!!
So how does it work?
– On Saturday 10 October, all registrations will receive all the clues at once.
– Once the clues are received, the hunt is on and you are free to go to whichever clue you want to go to.
– The clues will be hidden at specific sites in Mossel Bay Central.
– Each clue will, once found, give 1 piece of the puzzle to determine the location of the chest containing R10 000.
– All clues has to be found in order for you to find the hidden chest.
– When the chest is found, there will be instructions in order to receive your cash.
– Cost of registration is R200 per registration. Each registration can have a maximum of 4 persons.
– Upon registration, teams will have to submit names of the team members, a team name as well as a picture of each member.
– Once a clue is found, the team has to take a selfie of themselves (all team members must be in the photo) and send it to the organizers. This is a form of control to determine if the whole team was at the site.
– If a team has not sent their selfies, clue visible, at each clue/site to the organizer, they will not be eligible for the prize.
– There is no time limit on the treasure hunt event, the event ends once the hidden chest is found. whether it takes 1 day, a week or a month.
Contact Person – Leon
Mobile – 0656374582 
Cost – R200 (4 persons)
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