Oyster Catcher 3 Day Trail Run


September 23, 2017

8:00 am / 1:00 pm

The Oyster Catcher 3 day trail run will be following the famous Oyster catcher hiking route from Gourikwa nature reserve (20km) to Gourits river mouth and the next day from Gourits river mouth to Boggoms bay (20km) and the last day from Dana Bay to Mossel Bay (16km)  via the St Blaize hiking route. A lighthouse to lighthouse run along the coast. The last day of the Trail Run will be run on the spectacular St Blaize Trail. The St Blaize is a popular hike that follows the 30 metre high contour along the cliffs eastwards towards the Cape St Blaize Lighthouse.

Pre-entries qualify for goodie bags and lunches.


  • E-mail: janine@trisport.co.za
  • Cost: R3000.00
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