PJ Powers @ Reed Valley

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December 17, 2020 6:30 pm / 11:45 pm



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This show is a stripped-down look at songs from PJ Powers’ long and colourful career as one of SA’s best-loved songwriters.

All of the hits are there – unplugged versions of “Feel So Strong,” through “The World in Union” and her ode to the Stadium she got to know so well while fronting Hotline in the 80s – “Jabulani.”

She also includes renditions of her latest hits, “Destiny” and “Stay” that are enjoying airplay as well as her newly released singles: “Walk in my Shoes” a hauntingly beautiful and earnest plea for all of us to consider one another in a more compassionate way. Also included in the set is “Born to an Audience” a song written in collaboration with Leilani Cloete – a truly remarkable young South Africa with whom PJ shares a special bond and a song written during her last visit to the Cape called “Just Breathe.”

She is accompanied by Tigger Reunert on guitars and vocals and together they weave a beautiful and nostalgic tale covering the last thirty-something years in the music business.

PJ has been busy. She has written a book, she has been writing songs and she continues to perform throughout the continent and the world.

This quintessentially South African show provides an insight into ‘PJ Powers – The Person’ through songs, stories and amusing anecdotes in an intimate environment that audiences have been finding spellbinding.

A daughter of Africa, PJ is upbeat and optimistic about life on the tip of the continent and during the show she shares inspiring stories of her life in this beautiful country. It is a feel-good show and has great appeal for South Africans here and abroad from a sentimental point of view as well as for audiences merely interested in a good night out listening to an amazing singer playing great songs.

Audiences have ranged from an older crowd familiar with the Hotline years and early solo hits to people sentimental about the Rugby World Cup victory and on to younger fans introduced to the newer material.

Her relationship and travels with former President Nelson Mandela provide funny and light-hearted snippets of the humility her beloved ‘Tata.’

“A light-hearted and beautifully nostalgic jaunt”

Cost – R180.00

Mobile- 044 698 1022