Point of Human Origins

March 30, 2018

2:00 pm / 3:30 pm

Experience the awe of standing at the Point of Human Origins. Visit world-renowned archaeological site with early evidence for modern human behaviour. Our tour is a dual journey – one in space and time, and one within. Our main goals are to create awareness of the original human design, to awaken the human spirit, and to inspire people to change the way they behave towards all life on our planet.Scenic cave visit in the company of knowledgeable guide.

The only access to Cave is via a series of steep wooden stairways and boardwalks (some 200 stairs in each direction). The climb back up can be taxing unless you’re mildly fit.


  • contact: yuli
  • e-mail: info@walkingfestival.co.za
  • cost: free -tips welcome
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