Point Wander – Walking Festival 2018

Mar 30, 2018 9:00 am - 11:00 am

The trail length is approximately 1.5 km in the company of a professional guide.

The route starts at the St Blaize cave and follow a portion of the St Blaize hiking trail, move up to the ridge of the hill via the existing wooden staircase, through the Lighthouse complex and down through some pristine Fynbos vegetation and back to the cave and parking lot.

There are several unique natural and cultural heritage features on the proposed trail covering a time-span of several hundred million years. These include a few fascinating geological features; remnants from millennia of human occupation of the area spanning the entire Stone Age period as well as that of historic times including the charismatic Lighthouse; the botanical composition of plants that have survived thousands of years of climate change and other onslaughts; avian, terrestrial and marine life as well as breathtaking views of the ocean, Point area, harbour and distant mountains. If visited, the view from the top of the Lighthouse is a highlight of this experience.


  • cost: free
  • e-mail: info@walkingfestival.co.za
  • contact person: yuli