Radio Kalahari Orkes at Skoffelskuur

July 13, 2019

7:00 pm


atkv skoffelskuur

port natal ave, hartenbos

002744 601 7200

July 13, 2019 “Radio Kalahari Orkes” With Ian Roberts, Dan Roberts, Rian Malan and Orchestra. The “Radio Kalahari Orkes” music comes from a deeply rooted place and turns into the Ghoema, Latin and Africana music styles. If you listen carefully, you will recognize each resting place along the gravel road with its pick-up sounds! We bring them to you. Roadside Road. With a wagon load full of old acoustic, dust-resistant instruments: guitars, a dobro, mouth flutes, counter-bass, accordion, lawnmower and a legendary old Fender Telecaster. Unique and Authentic. The orchestra was honored in 2017 with a FAK Prestige award for the excellent promotion of South African folk music. Still too musical! MARCH! is proudly made possible by King Price

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