The FITTEST™ Provincial Championships at CrossFit Mossel Bay

July 22, 2022

5:00 pm

This is an event consisting of all the winners from the In-House Qualifiers within each province. Provincials will be hosted in the applicable province and will be organized by the selected provincial representative.

Invitation to the Provincials and Final
• Top male and female in each division from each facility will be invited to enter the Provincial events at the prescribed entry fee.
• Top male and females from the Provincials will be invited to enter the Championships Final event.
• The Wild Card category allows athletes that are not part of a FITTEST approved facility to compete for one male and female spot in each division.

• WOD A – Single Modality
• WOD B – Couplet – For Time
• WOD C – Triplet – AMRAP
Entry Fee R650
Enter at CrossFit Mosel Bay

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