Tribute to Abba by Mike Mcully & The Harmonix @ Reedvalley

January 31, 2020

8:10 pm / 11:00 pm




002744 698 1022

A celebration of the music of ABBA performed by Cape Town’s top musicians and directed by Cape Town’s own Mike McCullagh (McCully Workshop and of Buccaneer fame). Patrons are in for an evening of fun, laughter song and dance as the amazing cast brings ABBA to life.
Favourite songs like……WATERLOO…RING RING…DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW…FERNANDO…SOS…TAKE A CHANCE…MONEY MONEY MONEY…GIMME GIMME..VOULEZ VOUZ…MAMA MIA …DANCING QUEEN and many more are among the hits that audiences can look forward to.

Mobile – 044 698 1022

Cost – R150.00 per person online / R250.00 per person at the door

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