Vertigo @ Monroe Theatre

February 19, 2020 6:30 pm / 8:00 pm

Monroe Theatre

Marsh Street, Mossel Bay, South Africa


Following his early retirement as a detective from the San Francisco Police Department, John Ferguson- Scottie to his friends -becomes obsessed with two women in succession, those obsessions which trouble his long time friend and former fiancée Midge Wood a designer of women`s undergarments. The first is wealthy and elegant platinum blonde Madeleine Elster, the wife of his college acquaintance Gavin Elster, who hires John to follow her in Gavin`s belief that she may be a danger to herself in thinking that she has may be a danger to herself in thinking that she has recently been possessed by the spirit of Carlotta Valdes, Madeleine`s great-grandmother who she knows nothing about, but who Gavin knows committed suicide in being mentally unbalanced whe she was twenty-six, Madelein`s current age. The second is Judy Barton, who John spots on the streets one day. Judy is a working class girl, but what makes John obsessed with her is that, despite her working class style and her brunette hair, she is the spitting image of Madeleine.

Contact: Joan
Cost: R75.00