Places to Eat in Mossel Bay


One of South Africa’s favorite things to do is finding great places to eat! The restaurants in Mossel Bay does not disappoint.

From wild oysters and excellent seafood to steak houses, buffets and fish & chips at the harbour… Mossel Bay you will never wonder where to eat!

You’ll find everything you need, and more in the restaurants in Mossel Bay, pubs and coffee shops – from fine dining, to traditional game lodge feasts, exotic cuisine and family dinners. And seafood too, of course: Mossel Bay is famous for its seafood, and particularly the wild coastal oysters (Crassostrea margaritacea) for which the Garden Route is justifiably famous.

Bon appétit! (which is French for ‘Lekker eet!’ – or, in Xhosa: ‘Ukonwabele ukutya kwakho!’)

Mossel Bay loves coffee – Marsh street is a coffee hub but you will find master roasters throughout the area. Oh, and did we mention cakes, sweets, tarts, and puddings?  View our pubs, restaurants and coffee shops below.

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