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Jun 18
Do you know Mossel Bay`s Point? The Point is located at the tip of a Peninsula that forms…

Jun 26
Exploring the Back Roads of Mossel Bay

Exploring the back roads around Mossel Bay is a soulful experience that is packed with…

Nov 22
Your top HERITAGE things to do in Mossel Bay

Welcome to Mossel Bay – cultural heart of the Garden Route.

Nov 15
Your top ADVENTURE things to do in Mossel Bay

So you think that Mossel Bay’s a sleepy coastal town? Well, we think of it as an…

Sep 11
Things to do with KIDS in Mossel Bay

Finding ways to keep your kids entertained is always a challenge. 

Jul 31
Two awesome ways to send a postcard from Mossel Bay

There are two really awesome ways to send postcards from Mossel Bay!!!!

Jul 31
How to spot a whale

Make the most of your whale watching experience by following these tips…

Mar 23
From caves to cruise liners – everyone loves Mossel Bay

From Stone Age humans living in caves at the edge of the world to modern travellers on…